Chile: They steal a truck that was carrying PS5 consoles to Falabella


PS5 It has already been released all over the world and different countries were preparing to bring the experience of the new generation to those who managed to make their preorders, however, in the last few hours some thefts have been reported, which have dirty this event.

One of the cases that has been known recently occurred in Chile and according to what was reported in a post on TwitterFalabella, a well-known retail company in the country, sent to all those who managed to reserve the console, information to their emails about the theft of a Sony truck that distributed the consoles.

In the email, the company regrets the situation and apologizes to its customers, since the console they pre-ordered will not be able to arrive on the set date, and they will have to wait until December 15 to receive their PS5 consoles, hoping this time that the cargo is not assaulted.

This is not an isolated case, these situations commonly occur with articles of this type, normally those who know logistics systems suggest that these organized gangs obtain data from within the distribution companies themselves to find these trucks that transport this type of commodity.

It has already happened on previous occasions with video game releases, where different thefts of trucks with games that have not yet been released have been reported, but for the latter one less truck does not affect much, however, when it comes to consoles, they happen things like the ones reported above.