Check out this remarkable Super Mario 64 mod that is capable of running on the Nintendo 64 with revamped graphics.

Mods often give us crazy ideas in the context of a game, but what Kaze Emanuar is doing with Super Mario 64 It has nothing to do with inserting winks or rarities in the classic Nintendo title.

After all, the youtuber is working to present a version of Super Mario 64 that doesn’t look as old as the original game and would not only bring out the potential of the base software, but it would take full advantage of the capabilities of the Nintendo 64.

As explained in a video, Emanuar is doing a level inspired by Return to Yoshi’s Island in Super Mario 64, but his idea is to present a proposal with better graphics than the original title. For this, he has not only had to work on the character design and make improvements to the texture and lighting of the environment, but he has also resorted to a good dose of programming to eliminate bugs and other technical obstacles.

But although the video that you can see below details the strenuous work and a remarkable result, this is still a development mod and Emanuar has not finished his level. However, that is perhaps not the point here considering that this mod would even be able to work on a Nintendo 64.

with renewed graphics that can run on the Nintendo 64