Check out the prologue of Sonic Frontiers

Now that we are in November we enter the countdown to the launch of Sonic Frontiers, hence SEGA wanted to increase the expectation even more by leaving us with a video corresponding to the prologue of this new installment of the saga.

The footage is an animated short with the title ‘Divergence’ where the leading role falls entirely on Knuckles, the guardian of the Master Emerald. As he narrates himself, he lives on Angel Island, where he is in charge of protecting all the plants and animals that reside in this place and where he is dedicated to always acting on his own behalf.

What he didn’t count on is that one day he was going to run into a mysterious device that was going to lead him to another world that would put him in a big bind.

Will we be able to play as Knuckles? For now everything points to no, but we do not rule out that it can be unlocked after beating the game or that there is some kind of additional mode.

It should be noted that SEGA has been gradually releasing this content. He initially published the short comic Sonic Frontiers Prologue: Convergence, which reveals how Sonic and his friends Amy and Tails were fighting a robot to later realize that it was part of a plan by Dr. Eggman to distract them from the Starfall Islands, in which was carrying out an experiment related to an artificial intelligence.

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Thus, the heroes go to this destination, but Dr. Eggman seems to set in motion the activation of an artificial intelligence that will lead to the events of Sonic Frontiers.

Sonic Frontiers will hit stores on November 8, available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Also this week, SEGA revealed following the publication of its latest financial report that the Sonic saga had sold 1,500 million games worldwide to date.

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