Chapa Fuenzalida and Roberto Tobar make peace: the particular gift that the referee gave the UC captain

At this point, to speak of José Pedro Fuenzalida is to say the name of an emblem of the Catholic University. A leader of a squad that made history in Chilean football by winning the four-time championship with the club between the 2018 and 2021 seasons. But the day of the end arrived, and it is this Monday against Audax Italiano, for which multiple tributes were prepared for him.

On the part of the table of the foothills, they will be given a framed commemorative shirt and a four-time champion edition book. In addition, you will be given the Medieval town, symbol of the spirit and crossed mystique and that is only delivered to the highest references of the institution. So far they have received Medel, Alvarez, Mirosevic and Silva.

However, one of the gifts that attracted the most attention was that of Roberto Tobar. The judge, with whom Chapa had an argument in the 2021 season, gave him the coin from the draw for the duel between UC and the Italics, for the penultimate date of the 2022 National Championship.

It should be noted that on October 20 of last year, in the match between the Crusaders and Santiago Wanderers played in San Carlos de Apoquindo, Tobar and Fuenzalida had an argument in which the captain of the strip showed the champion’s shield to the referee.

The discussion between Chapa Fuenzalida and Roberto Tobar. PHOTO: AGENCYUNO

“José Pedro has a lot of experience just like me, we already have many games in the body. These are situations that occur often, they are temperaments that one finds in different players and it is typical of football, I think, ”the referee told TNT Sports, trying to explain the post-match incident.

Apparently, those differences are in the past and Chapa will have, among the many gifts he will receive this day against the Italics, a very special gift from Roberto Tobar.