Channel 13 fights with the premiere of the Textual Game: how was the rating on Monday?

As scheduled, this Monday the premiere of Juego Textual finally took place, an entertainment space that returned to the screen with its new name (before it was called Acosto Textual) and immediately caused talk on color television.

Just like that, because in its first episode, which had José Luis Repenning as its star guest, the star put up a fight in the prime time rating.

According to data to which La Cuarta had access, Juego Textual had an average of 8.5 points and ranked third, just behind Mega, which scored 11.7, and Chilevisión, which reached 10.4. More attractive was TVN with 7.8 and La Red, with 1.7.

Social Media Trends

But that’s not all, because the program hosted by Sergio Lagos obtained a peak of 11.7 units and, for some moments, led its slot and made the competition cuckoo.

In addition, in terms of social networks, Juego Textual also generated a topic of conversation, as it ranked among the most commented topics on Twitter along with #SergioLagos and #Repe.

It should be noted that, in the program, the new journalist from Channel 13 opened up and talked about everything, such as the time he committed a crime, the end of their marriage and also about the cahuines that link him sentimentally with Priscilla Vargas.