changes and defense to Valencia

This Sunday the Chilean national team closes the 2022 season with his last friendly against Slovakia. Eduardo Berizzo’s La Roja needs to rediscover the victories to start next year well, for which the coach will choose to almost repeat his formation.

In a press conference, Toto addressed the possible changes in the stellar eleven and, except for some positions, will maintain the scheme that faced Poland. “We will solve it today, we are waiting for the recovery of the team that played,” he said.

There the coach of the Chilean team stressed that, rather than completely modifying the formation, he hopes to focus only on details. “It won’t be massive changes, just some options that we want to see in certain places on the pitch, but not as many.”

Along the same lines, he assured that he is not concerned about the lack of wins. “The victories will come, what you have to find is a game idea and solidify it. Believing that what was done in Poland is a challenge to repeat and insist on. A team becomes solid by repeating good performances, we must repeat and improve Poland’s performance Then victory will come, obviously it will be like that.”

Eduardo Berizzo also dedicated words to Alexis Sánchez after his performance with Poland. “Alexis’s game the other day was very good. Picking himself up in some situations and hitting bad space in others. He didn’t find the ball because we didn’t set him up well, but he didn’t stop making moves.”

“When the ball comes to the foot, the play happens and one recognizes that it moved away from the goal. But it had depth, it’s a matter of the team finding it and having combined movements for its descent or depth,” he added.

Although there Toto reflected. “Beyond Alexis’s performance, in the second half we put the team ahead on the field, we had depth with full-backs that we didn’t have in the first half and that’s the intention. That we be on the right foot, with an inside game, to find depth with the full-backs and teammates or Alexis or midfielders to find the rival defense with their backs, as Marcelino did after 50 minutes”.

Eduardo Berizzo’s defense of Diego Valencia

Within the conference, Eduardo Berizzo took the time to defend Diego Valencia’s starting appearance against Poland. Despite his bad moment at Salernitana, the coach gave him his support instead of opting for Diego Rubio’s scoring streak.

“The presence of Diego is to combine deep characteristics like him, who is a picador, to the descent of Ale with footballers at the foot. The depth of Suazo and Soto mixes with Méndez, Marcelino, Arturo, Gary, who develop the game”, launched from entry.

“His presence, still not getting minutes in his team, is that they find their careers forward. In the first half there was a play describing this, when Alexis hooks and plays a ball over the defense, which he manages to comb. We are looking for that with his speed and depth. In Marcelino’s second dangerous play, when he shoots from the edge of the area, he overflows to ask for a ball into space,” he added.

Finally, he stressed that against Slovakia he hopes not to move the board much. “The percentage that started against Poland, many are finding solidity like eleven. Tomorrow we will think about a specific change, but not massive, that builds and supports the path to the idea that we proposed against Poland.”