Champion with Argentina in ’78 reviews the title and sends a message to Chile

Argentina achieved its third World Cup in Qatar 2022. From the Middle East, in the middle of dinner, the striker Daniel Bertoni, champion with Argentina in 1978, answer the call of Sporting. It is a moment of revelry, after four weeks in which they went from disappointment to euphoria, as the matches in the World Cup passed.

The former player of Fiorentina and Napoli, idol of Independiente, confirms that this title is not the most important of the Albiceleste. Despite this, the former attacker highlights Lionel Messi, of whom he assures “he deserved to retire with a crown like this”. However, he refuses to compare him to Diego Maradona, a former teammate and friend. Likewise, he does not forget that historic rivalry with La Roja, the same team that beat the transandinos in two Copa América titles (2015 and 2016) and that it earned several detractors in its moment of glory. “This is a title that you Chileans will never have.”

How is it going?

Here in Qatar, in the middle of a dinner. What do you think… Very happy with the victory of the Argentine team. We had the chance to see it live and it was amazing.

A triumph that has been celebrated a lot…

So is. I understand that in Argentina and South America in general it has been highly celebrated. It was good since the World Cup returned to South America. The European teams are strong, but we showed that you can win. We had to stop this hegemony of the European continent and we did it.

Did you suffer a lot?

It was a very close match. France is a great team, for a reason they were the defending champions. They have great players. They raised a lot in the end and showed why they got to this stage. However, Argentina played very well and was able to take the crown.

What did you think of the World Cup he did? Lionel Messi?

He played a great World Cup, at a good time. It is very commendable that he has won the world title. He was the best player of the last two decades and it’s great that he leaves with an achievement like this. He deserved to retire with this crown. Messi once had to be champion, it’s a great way to complete his career. Imagine, winning this third Cup for Argentina.

With this, can you emulate what Diego Maradona did in the ’86 World Cup?

Sorry, but I don’t do comparisons. For a matter of respect. Both are great footballers, each one in his time.

Is this Argentina team as solid as the one in ’78 and ’86?

I don’t know, tell me if you know that much. If you believe that this team is more solid than the previous ones…

I only ask because you were champion in ’78…

It’s okay, but look how the theme is. Here is a team that won 3-1 in the final (Argentina ’78), then there was another that won 3-2 in the same definition (Mexico ’86) and the last one won on penalties after an extra time… With that I answer your question.

So 2022 is less important…

I don’t know, you draw your own conclusions… The truth is that Argentina has three stars on the shirt, you Chileans don’t have a World Cup title and I don’t think you will ever achieve it. Let’s be clear on that.

Well, here in Chile there are many people celebrating this Albiceleste championship…

That is very good, it seems to me that the Chilean brothers also enjoy this title from the Argentines. Because at the end of the day this is a crown, it is for all of Latin America and I understand that in all the countries they are also just as happy as we are for what we have achieved in Qatar. We Argentines support everyone, but thank God we are the ones who came out world champions.