Cell phones: the trick to find hidden cameras in rooms using our cell phones | infrared light | Spain | Mexico | Colombia | USA | TECHNOLOGY

Hidden cameras have become a danger to our privacy. Unlike the old movies, not only the intelligence services of some Government have access to these small devices, capable of camouflaging themselves in almost any object. However, our Could you help us find them?

After the confinement due to the pandemic and the rise in house or apartment rentals for travelers, such as Airbnb, tourism has increased and will continue to do so. Nevertheless, not all places are safe or respect the privacy of tourists. Also, hidden cameras are usually cheap and can be placed almost anywhere.

Thus, if you prefer to be sure that no one is watching you, you can take advantage of a simple but effective trick with your smartphone. Most of these devices can help us in these cases, but the old models will not necessarily be able to. In any case, we can simply test to really know if it works with our equipment or not.

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How can I use my cell phone to find hidden cameras?

If a camera captures motion or takes photos in rooms that are dark or dimly lit, it will use infrared light.. This cannot be detected by human eyes, so it will go unnoticed. Nevertheless, the camera sensor of our cell phone should be able to do it.

On some smartphones, only the front camera can capture infrared lightSo it’s just a matter of testing. But it should also be noted that not all hidden cameras use this type of technology to capture imagesso it is not a foolproof method.

To find out if any of the sensors of your cell phone cameras can capture infrared light, you can try with the remote control of your television or other device. Simply activate your smartphone’s camera, point it at the remote control, and look for a small light, which can be either pink or purple. Try the rear and front cameras to see which one can capture infrared light. This way, you’ll be prepared for when you think you’re being spied on.