Caszely does not forgive Zaldivia for deleting her photos in Colo Colo

Carlos Caszely It is one of the highest historical references of Colo Colo. For many of the Cacique fans, who place David Arellano in a separate category, he is the main footballer who has worn the Cacique shirt. In this context, everything that the King of the Square Meter says, especially if it is about becoming white, is law.

The recognition of his figure is such that a few days ago a statue with his figure was inaugurated, which shines on the front of the main entrance of the Monumental stadium. In this dialogue, he will recognize that the image that is replicated is not the one he preferred for the tribute, but that he respects popular opinion, which, in the end, prevailed.

If on the field the Manager stood out for his ability to avoid rivals, off it he does not avoid any subject. For this reason, he does not hesitate to criticize the way in which Argentine Juan Martín Lucero left the club. “He had signed a contract a month ago. It cannot be that anyone signs a contract and leaves without respecting it. He did not respect him and they are going to FIFA. It’s that simple, it has to be that way, ”he emphasizes.

How should Colo Colo act in this case? Must be energetic?

If Colo Colo is not energetic now, they are going to take him forever. 10 or 15 years ago, when they began to sign for a year to go to Mexico or Europe, the sense of belonging between the players and the clubs was lost. Gabriel Suazo himself, the only thing he wanted was to leave. He was saying it. And he was the captain of Colo Colo.

How is this phenomenon explained?

Corporations want blue numbers. The sports part, the one that interests people, does not matter so much to them. The fans want to see their idols for many years. Today there are kids who haven’t debuted and all they want is to leave. All they want is money. And that’s okay, because the world has changed and everyone wants the same thing, but there is no identity in the teams anymore. Players come and go. The world is like this, they made it like this.

Carlos Caszely observes the statue that honors him.

How do you think Colo Colo will do in the Copa Libertadores?

Let’s not mislead people. If Colo Colo makes it through a round, it’s going to be good. The rest of the countries are 10 steps above the Chilean teams. Thats the reality. With this team, it is enough for him to fight for the National Championship. La Católica is setting up well. The U has not shown much, but it has also been reinforced.

how did you take the passage from Zaldivia to the U?

I don’t care if Zaldivia has left. It’s not the first time it’s happened. Leonel Sánchez played for Colo Colo and is the greatest idol of Universidad de Chile. The only thing I criticize him is that he is unaware of the five years that he was in Colo Colo, by deleting all the images from his Instagram account. He should focus on playing well in the U, not on those things. But it’s all the same to me that he’s gone. The other thing annoys me. You can’t erase the past from him. When one has lived in a population, one cannot deny that. This is the same. It’s part of history.

Did Zaldivia become important in Colo Colo?

He has like five championships. He won something, but in 10 more years no one will remember him.

How do you evaluate the management of Gustavo Quinteros?

Quinteros has done a good job. He rescued him from the bottom and brought the team back to prominence. He has great assistants, who I’ve talked to and I think they’re fantastic guys. What they have achieved reflects the work they have done.

how did you receive the statue that was inaugurated in his honor?

It came at the saddest moment of my life. There is nothing, absolutely nothing that can ease the pain of the departure of a loved one. It was emotional, very emotional (he breaks). The psychiatrist tells me to cry when I have to. Imagine the number of players that have passed… it’s to swell your chest. There are 10 or 12 more who deserve it. They should choose one per decade. That is what I believe and have said. There are some that are figures, but the legends are not so many. That has to be defined by the Colocolino people, like when the figure of mine was defined. I liked another, but democracy prevailed and the one chosen by the Colocolino people was made.

Regarding the Caszely surname in Colo Colo, his son is gaining importance in the club’s women’s soccer.

Yes, but I prefer that you ask him.