Castillo sets the networks on fire again: “Come back? Hard with you there. Thanks, poof.”

Nicolás Castillo once again became a trend off the pitch. As happened in the controversy with Jose Pedro Fuenzalida, the striker used his Instagram account to launch incendiary messages. This time without a confirmed recipient, but there are signs.

“Your word is worth nothing! Now you go out with that it does not go and you are afraid, hahaha ”, was the first message that she posted on social networks. The message would point to a failed negotiation with Universidad Católica to return to the club in 2023.

“You forget when in 2016 no one wanted to go and I sent you an email to go and leave behind all my personal goals. She forgot you when nobody believed in you and I came to save you and all the clowns you have in your monopoly ”wrote the attacker, recalling his second spell at the club.

Now, the talks for the return of Castillo seem to follow a more complicated route. “And now you are afraid? You were told 3 times the conditions and you are still afraid! Shit! That’s what you are. And most likely use a quota for that with your friends!

“Return? Hard with you there. Thanks, shit. We haven’t talked for a fucking peso and you’re afraid. Believe me, that’s why I play the least now. But you decided to be afraid.” settled the striker, who left no room for doubt. The relationship with the club that formed him is at its worst.