Carolina Molina’s striking opinion about the men who set Instagram on fire: received a wave of reactions

This week Carolina Molina generated a stir on social networks, where she shared a striking reflection on romantic relationships.

Specifically, the singer referred to what kind of females men like when choosing a partner.

“Do men prefer them loose”? Why are some men so disarmed to be with a hard-working and independent woman? It kind of misconfigures them… jealousy? unsafety? ego? or just stupid? What do you say? ”, She let off steam without a filter“ La Rancherita ”.

The responses that emerged on the web

As expected, his comment was far from going unnoticed and immediately generated a wave of comments among his followers in the cyber world.

In fact, there were more women who came out in a gang to lend him clothes and raise the finger to his message. Of course, some men also came out to give their opinion on the matter.

“Afraid to see that one does not depend on them”, “and some women prefer them with luquitas”, “I do not think that men like lazy women”, “Hold on powerful women”, “Because they screw you every time how ‘independent’ they are as if they were a trophy” and “she’s wrong, I prefer her hard-working”, were some of the reactions generated by her publication.

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