Carolina Escobar was honest and revealed the true reasons for her departure from the morning Good Morning Everyone

A shake lived the Good morning to all after the resignation of Gonzalo Ramírez and Carolina Escobar that left everyone in the morning in a crisis.

Escobar has not given many details of his departure and there are several speculations that revolve around his departure.

A few days ago Paula Escobar told on the Sergio Rojas program, I tell youthat the woman had resigned because she had asked for a salary increase that was denied.

It is for this reason that Carolina went out to respond and tell the real reasons why she decided to leave the TVN space.

The real reasons for his resignation

The communicator revealed the information in The Star of Arica, where he told all his truth. “The easiest thing is always to think: ‘Oh, of course, you didn’t reach an agreement with her and there was such and such and they didn’t want to give it to her,’” he began, explaining.

“It has nothing to do with it, really. I had not gone to talk to any of the executives, I have a very good vibe on the channel, I left with the best of relationships, I did not fight with anyone or argue with anyone, ”she sentenced.

He also extinguished all the rumors that his resignation was due to the departure of Gonzalo Ramírez. “We’ve worked together most of the time I haven’t been on the channel, but there were instances where we didn’t work together,” he said.