Carola Escobar reappeared in Good Morning Everyone after undergoing surgery: she showed her new appearance

During the morning of this Friday, Carola Escobar returned to the condition of Good Morning to All. This, after staying almost a month out of it after undergoing surgery on her nose.

“I would not like the nose to change. What happens is that I don’t breathe and I drown. I didn’t know when I broke it, she must have been a girl and I didn’t know, because my tolerance for pain is high, “the journalist revealed at the time.

He even revealed that the intervention was due to the fact that “they have to straighten the septum. Years without breathing and suddenly I will go from being in the center of Santiago to Farellones in one go”.

For the same reason, now the communicator reappeared on the screen with a new appearance, which did not go unnoticed among her co-workers. Of course, she clarified from the outset that her face did not change radically.

“I did very well. Now when they tell me, ‘Take a deep breath, count to 10’, the air comes,” she stated. She even had no problem posing in profile before the camera so that viewers would notice her intervention.

“There was no pain…”

Later, Escobar assured that from now on he will have a better quality of life.

“I have been asked if the surgery was terrible, but there was no pain. Just the despair of waking up from the anesthesia and not being able to breathe because you have plugs is tremendous,” she maintained.

In any case, Carola said that “it is wonderful to be able to breathe, something else.”

Lastly, he took advantage of the occasion to thank Nathalie Catalán, who this week took his place in the TVN morning show.

Finally, Carola Escobar thanked Nathalie Catalán for replacing her as host, having only praise for her performance on screen.

“I missed you so much, so thank you very much Naty, a champion for being here all this time,” he concluded.

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