Carmen Gloria Arroyo told what she considers the “worst defect” of her partner, Bernardo Borgeat

Carmen Gloría Arroyo spoke with Pamela Díaz via Instagram, an exchange in which they talked a little about everything, including love.

In the dialogue, the infidelity of Cristián de la Fuente to Angélica Castro was even brought up, which was revealed after the publication of a video caught red handed. “Everything would fall apart for me”commented the driver of Carmen Gloria at your service (CHV).

But the lawyer also spoke of her own love life with the Argentine Bernardo Borgeat, with whom she has been in a relationship for almost ten years. In that, they consulted him for “Bernardo’s worst defect, that you do not like and you would take it out of his personality.”

“His desire to collect antiques,” revealed Carmen Gloria.

“He likes old tools, keys, saws, bells, watches, everything, anything,” he listed. Later he recounted that “once he called me and told me ‘you’re dying, I’m at a fair in Colina and they sell two handsaws for 500 pesos'”.

In fact, he added that “we have brought things from Mar del Plata, from Buenos Aires.”

About the “rarest” ones that she has acquired, the lawyer said that “a bomb”, which “was empty, but had the same bomb shape as the ones in the roadrunnerwith two fins”.

“He is a cachuerero”, he summed up, although “he gets angry when I tell him that they are cachureos, because they are ‘antiques’”.

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