Carlos Villanueva | From Valdivia’s successor to Colo Colo’s possible dismissal at the end of the year

Four months before the end of the year, Colo Colo must evaluate the future of several soccer players. As AS reported in early July, the most complex case is that of Matías Zaldivia, since there are directors who will bet on his departure. Carlo Villanueva’s situation is in a similar scenario.

The young academy player, who made his professional debut in 2017, ends his contract in December and in the Black and White Football Commission they already anticipate a future meeting: “We will address it soon”, they point out.

Villanueva was one of the great promises of young soccer in Colo Colo. In this context, the midfielder earned the respect of the most experienced players on the squad: “He has good conditions to break it here,” said Jaime Valdés in 2019.

Villanueva’s idol is Jorge Valdivia. The midfielder learned from the ‘Wizard’: “It helps me to move, to find my space on the court. I pay attention to everything he tells me and he teaches me a lot”he told on one occasion. Years later, in dialogue with AS, Valdivia praised him: “I hope he goes out on loan and shows his full potential. He is a player who has a lot of technique and must develop it every weekend”.

The player remained in the Monumental and although he was one of the heroes in the 2022 Super Cup title, months later he returned to inactivity. He still hasn’t recorded 300 minutes in the National Championship and hasn’t played since the third week of May. Injuries, again, hit his promising career.

Although it has not yet been officially analyzed, there are two visions in the Colo Colo directive: let him go or extend the link and send him to another club, as Valdivia suggested. Whatever the case, Villanueva’s future looks far from Macul.

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