Canales leaves with controversy

It’s official and Gustavo Canales He will not continue in the position of Unión Española coach nor will he return as DT of the projection series. The Hispanic club communicated the decision on its website and social networks.

“Unión Española informs its followers and public opinion in general that unfortunately Gustavo Canales will not continue to lead the first team nor will he occupy another position within the institution”pointed out the red cast, giving lights of the distance that there was with the former scorer.

The Hispanic club determined to look for a new coach after the defeat against Magallanes in Copa Chile and the low performance obtained in the National Championship. In exchange, they offered Canales to return to his position in the lower divisions, but he did not accept it. He believed that it was his time to assemble the team and demonstrate his conditions in professionalism.

The club clarified that “We maintain the usual admiration for one of the iconic players that the club has had and -although this time it was not possible to agree on a convergent plan- we hope that in the future our paths will cross again”.

Gustavo Canales, DT of Unión Española: matches and performance

Gustavo Canales led only 12 games for points in Unión Española, with just a 33.3 percent performance. The coach only won three games, all for Copa Chile, with three draws and six losses in his record.

Canales did not add any victories in seven games for the 2022 First Division Championship and lost the Copa Chile final against Magallanes, the Ascent champion team, in a penalty shootout.