Canadian parents sued the company behind Fortnite claiming for the addition generated by the video game

A group of Canadian parents from Quebec City decided to sue Epic Games for Fortnite alleging that the video game causes children to become addicted who not only stop eating and sleeping, but also stop bathing.

According to what the BBC explains, a judge of the Supreme Court of Canada authorized the lawsuit that is based on the allegation that the players become “severely dependent” on the popular shooting video game. In this sense, the judge stated that the lawsuit was not frivolous or manifestly ill-founded.

“The court concludes that there is a serious issue that must be discussed, based on sufficient and specific claims about the existence of risks and even dangers due to the use of Fortnite,” the judicial authority stated.

The plaintiffs lawyers argue that Epic Games operate in a similar way to tobacco companies, so they consider that they have “the same” legal responsibility that has existed in the lawsuits against that industry.

Even so, despite the fact that the lawsuit may continue to advance in the judicial branch, the judge dismissed the claim of the plaintiffs about the intention exercised by Epic Games to make Fortnite more addictive. “This does not exclude the possibility that the game is actually addictive and that its designer and distributor are presumed to be aware of it,” the judge added.

Through a statement, Epic Games questioned the lawsuit, ensuring that: “parents can receive game time reports that track the amount of time their child plays each week and require parental permission before making purchases” .

“We plan to fight this in court. We believe that the evidence will show that this case has no merit,” the video game company concluded.