Camilo’s fans cruelly attack Evaluna for being “toxic”

The most faithful fans of the popular Colombian singer and songwriter Camilo they are extremely upset with the presence of his wife, also a Venezuelan singer Eva Luna, since they assure that the daughter of Ricardo Montaner it is “extremely toxic and does not let him breathe.”

Camilo is on a world tour Europe, Mexico Y United States, conquering and sharing with his fans, but not everything has gone as he and as his fans expected. What has happened?

It turns out that some of his followers manifest through social networks that they are already tired of seeing Eva Luna in all the Colombian concerts, accusing Ricardo Montaner’s daughter of being a “toxic”.

“She is a toxic person who does not let him breathe”

“What you want to bring to your keychain all the time, that is no longer romantic, it is toxic” and “Why do you always have to make her sing? What dependency”, are some comments that have reached the popular couple of artists.

The level of displeasure is so great that some fans of the interpreter of ‘Expensive clothes’ They have organized a campaign that seeks to bring their message to the couple.

However, there are others who enjoy seeing them together and consider them to be a great team who support each other. Adding to this, they say that Evaluna makes a great contribution on stage alongside Camilo.

For now, the singer Venezuelan It has not been expressed about it, but in social networks the discontent that many fans of her husband feel when seeing her on stage is already more clearly noticeable.