Camilo’s fans ask him to stop taking Evaluna to his concerts; “She’s a toxic freak”

Fans of the Colombian singer and songwriter Camilo They are asking the star to stop taking his wife to his concerts, since they assure that “she is very toxic”

After what Eva Luna give birth to her non-binary baby Indigo, The Venezuelan singer has been accompanying her husband Camilo to his concerts in different countries he has visited in recent months. However, many fans of the Colombian seem to have disliked the fact that the singer also goes on stage to sing and is there all the time the shows last.

Although for many it has been perfect that, in addition to Camilo, they can also see the daughter of the renowned Venezuelan singer Ricardo Montaner at the same concert, other Camilo fans seem not to have liked that idea very much.

Some say they have been “exposing” the baby to high levels of noise. Others assure that the Venezuelan is a “toxic madwoman” with the interpreter of “tutu” Well, supposedly he doesn’t want to leave him alone at any time.

I wanted to go to the concert Camilo, not to the one of Camilo Y Eva Luna”, “I can’t wait to bring her keychain all the time, that’s not romantic anymore, it’s toxic”, “Camilo enjoys himself better alone”, “why do you always have to get her to sing? what dependency”, “she is a toxic one who does not let him breathe”. These are just some of the comments made by some Camilo fans.

And you, do you think that Evaluna looks very toxic by being present at all Camilo’s concerts?

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