Camilo and Evaluna had a heated argument after photos of Indigo were leaked

Tensions at home Camilo Y Eva Luna They are still present, since the first images of the singers’ daughter’s face were recently released, Indigo, after some fans found the couple at the airport, thus taking the photos that we can see leaked on social networks.

The famous couple has been in charge of hide indigo’s facebut the doubts were cleared after the leaked photos, which may have been the cause of a heated discussion between the couple, this being one of the first crises they have had in their marriage.

According to “Red Hot“Another reason for the fight was that Evaluna Montaner did not agree with Camilo about whether or not they should show Indigo’s face, and now that the photos have gone viral the problem could increase.

Through the filtered images of Indigo’s face, it can be said that she is a small baby who is more awake every day in the care of her parents, but this situation did not please Evaluna Montaner very much, who tried to keep the gender neutral. his daughter.

During a family trip, the Colombian walks very calmly through the airport, unaware that little Indigo’s curiosity led to the first images of her adorable face being taken, which bears an enormous resemblance to her mother.

The indiscretion of Camilo, in which a photo was taken of Indigo, could have led to a heated fight with Evaluna Montaner, who was supported by his family, while the Colombian singer had to Crossing hands to keep calm at home.