Camila Hirane revealed that she is in a relationship: Felipe Bianchi gave clues as to who her partner would be

In the recent chapter of the divine foodthe actress Camila Hirane confirmed that she is in a relationship after several months of speculation.

It all happened on the second night of the program, where the former Hidden Truths opened the doors of his house to receive Felipe Bianchi, Freddy Guerrero and Ana Lya Uriarte.

During the conversation, Bianchi asked her directly about her new romance, for which Camila confirmed that she was dating someone, although she did not want to delve too deeply into the subject.

“Hey, have you been flirting for a while?” Asked the journalist.

“Eight or nine months,” Camila confessed.

It was then that Guerrero asked him if the relationship was outdoor or indoor, referring to whether they live together or not. To which Hirane replied that it was “outdoor”, that is, doors outside.

“The best thing is outdoors, because otherwise… (…) I’m outdoors, because that’s how you miss it, it’s not there every day, then we walk the dog, we eat pancakes,” commented the radio announcer after Camila’s consultation.

Camila Hirane in The Divine Food

Bianchi then asked the actress about her relationships, so she began to talk about her first boyfriend when she was at school, pointing out that he had been very important to her and that her family loved him very much.

“Although it is much worse than the current one…”, the journalist joked.

The actress did not want to give more details about what her current relationship was like, although Bianchi behind the scenes gave clues as to who Camila’s partner was.

“He did not tell who the boyfriend was and the truth is that he paid us so that we did not tell, so we did not want to say anything about Fernández,” the communicator launched, almost confirming the rumors that arose a few months ago.

Camila has been linked to her ex-partner in Hidden Truths, the actor Ricardo Fernández, although neither of them has confirmed the relationship.