Call of Duty MW2 Game News: Hundreds of Players Can’t Play Normally

call of duty MW2: Hundreds of players can’t play normally

Fighting cheats in a game like Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is important. But the current system is very restrictive, especially for certain public figures, such as streamers, who regularly find themselves with undeserved sanctions.

Shadowban, an interesting idea on paper

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 adventure did not start off in the best way as far as cheating is concerned. Remember that the game embarked on its first weekend of public beta. It’s already full of traps that ruin the gaming experience!

Many players complained and Infinity Ward announced that they were taking the matter very seriously. The situation improved in the following weeks. One of Activision’s key tools in the fight against cheaters, is the shadowban.

Less restrictive than a ban outright, it allows for verification before making a decision. Thus, if the person is innocent, the shadow ban is lifted. If, on the contrary, it turns out that the person is guilty, then the penalty will be increased.

Call of Duty MW2: Hundreds of players can't play normally

Streamers can’t take it anymore!

As we just said, on paper this shadow ban is a good idea. It allows a first measurement to be made very quickly. Here, cheaters will have less impact to players who do not cheat in their games.

Except there’s one small drawback with this system. It seems to work a lot, if not exclusively, with the number of reports (complaints) from players. For a normal person, it’s not that annoying.. You’re bound to run into some people who will make unreasonable deferrals, but this shouldn’t trigger a shadowban.

However, if you are a streamer, things can get complicated quickly. Players will “report” you to harm you and this will cause repeated shadowbans. Several streamers have complained. They ask Infinity Ward to overhaul their system, because currently the shadowbans are so shackled to them that they can no longer play properly!

At the moment, this issue mostly affects streamers. But one can imagine that now that the ruling is known, some Malicious people use it to block accountseven from lesser known people.