Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Campaign Impressions

  • The Call of Duty campaign also exists and that of this Modern Warfare 2 has made us fall in love like few others

  • Before jumping into the multiplayer arena we tell you our impressions with the campaign of the new CoD

almost twenty years ago A video game came to our computers that, offering something that was not new, would change its genre forever. Call of Duty, the original, went on sale at the end of 2003 becoming an instant classic. We were then before a game published by Activision and developed by Infinity Ward that put all its incidence in an individual mode that came to break schemes with the variety of its proposal both in scenarios and in its different mechanics in each phase. And if we say that he based all his strength on this game mode, it is because its multiplayeralthough it already laid the foundations for the future, it had at that time a very limited number of maps and game modes and was content to be a simple extra for a game of very good quality.

Over the years, that trend has reversed itself. acquiring the online mode more and more weight in the saga until the big bang came Modern Warfare. This installment broke with the history of the series and offered us a current war for the first time. The resounding success of the game and the irruption of its multiplayer mode that hooked millions of people around the world marked a before and after, and made the online mode more important than the main story. This trend increased over the years until it reached a point where the majority of players who purchased the game did not even play the campaign mode on many occasions, but simply went directly to multiplayer to improve their statistics. .

And it’s a shame, because the tales about war that Call of Duty has told us in their nineteen years of existence they have had everything, with some epic levels that are already video game history, like our actions as a sniper in Stalingrad or course the controversial “Nothing Russian”. That is why this year, well aware of it, Activision has decided, in a masterful move, to allow access campaign mode, and only in this way, to all those who have pre-ordered the game. This will serve on the one hand to calm the anxieties of all of us who are willing to put our claws in the online mode and to do justice to a fantastic game mode that should not go unnoticed in any case. Because if, the campaign mode of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II is enough and more than enough to make the game worth buying by itself.

The first thing you have to know, although as a fan of the saga you will already be clear about it, is that despite sharing a name with the game released in 2009, this Modern Warfare II is not a remake of that one, but rather the sequel to Modern Warfare released a couple of years agowhich in turn was the reboot of that part of the saga.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare IIActivision

Are we facing the best Story Mode of the entire saga?

The campaign mode helps us, first of all, to check how the game’s new graphics engine feels great, bordering on the confusion between cinematics and live action, with a graphic level that sometimes gives us the feeling of being in front of a series recorded by real actors. The same goes for rain, lighting and water, where the power of the new generations can be seen in all its fullness. There is one of the phases in which we are on the deck of a ship, in the middle of a strong storm and the realism with which the rivers of water fall down the stairs while we advance through them is something that it hadn’t been seen with such sufficiency until now. The sound section for its part, although it does not surprise so much, perfectly fulfills its function, especially in the dubbing section, allowing the immersion in the story to be complete.

Another aspect that usually interests players in solo mode is the duration of the campaign. In this sense, naturally, the chosen difficulty directly influences. In our case, we stay in Curtido, which can be called medium difficulty of the five it has, four of them eligible to start. Recruit, Professional, Hardened, Veteran and Realistic, although as we say, the latter can only be chosen once the campaign is completed. The duration on this difficulty is between six and seven o’clock, a more than acceptable duration for this type of game. Also, if the tip is allowed, this is the minimum difficulty to enjoy the experience, since below it the game becomes too easy. If you are one of those who retain the agility and reflexes of Ghost, you can dare with the highest difficulties, although we already anticipate that you are not facing a walk and that even in Hardened difficulty there will be phases that choke you.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare IIActivision

Just as important as the audiovisual aspect in a story mode is precisely that, the story they tell us. We must bear in mind, as we have already said, that this Modern Warfare II has nothing to do with the original other than the name and of course the background, but it tells us a different story, with different characters and that although it has obvious nods to some missions from that gameconsidered by many to be the best Call of Duty, we are facing a new script. And it doesn’t let us down at all. We are already used to changes of scenery, which will surely be reflected later in multiplayer maps, and plot twists that will try to surprise us, and in many cases, they will succeed. It also has luxury secondary actors, such as Mexican cartels, mercenary groups, Iranian militias… and some other surprises that of course we are not going to reveal.

And if we have said that history is going to take us through scenarios as disparate as Mexico, Amsterdam or Chicago, is going to do it with completely different playable proposals in each level. Again, without wanting to reveal any important details, we cannot stop telling you that the variety of mechanics that you will find during the adventure is the most varied that we have ever seen in a game of the series. Provide aerial support to our companions with a gunship, dive through the canals of Amsterdam, infiltrate a mansion with no more weapons than your hands, kill enemies from a safe distance, find materials with which to make your own weapons or jump from a vehicle to another are just some examples of the options offered by this Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II. Of course, the great base of everything is gunplay, which borders on the impeccableleaving us with moments of extreme tension in which we will breathe a sigh of relief by successfully resolving some complicated situations.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare IIActivision

It is true that the game has some minor evils, in our case we have played the PlayStation version and we have suffered some bugs that will surely be solved with their corresponding patches. On two occasions we have had to restart the mission because the progress had been stuck, and the most serious on one occasion, although luckily it was at the beginning of the game, we lost the accumulated progress and had to start from scratch. They are serious errors, very serious in the case of progress, but understandable in an early version. With everything and that, and adding the fact that for the first time in the saga the campaign mode gives us rewards to use in multiplayer, some as juicy as new operators or even an exclusive weapon for those who finish this mode, we can say that the final feeling is more than positive.

The sum of everything converts to this campaign mode of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II without a shadow of a doubt the best story mode of the entire saga, with an absolutely impeccable audiovisual section, spectacular gunplay that always leaves us wanting more, both when we use long-distance rifles and in open combat, a nostalgic component that makes us from the beginning totally committed to Soap, Price, Gaz and Ghos and that it is going to make us worry with each twist of the script in which our protagonists suffer setbacks. We also really liked the fact that there are rewards to use in the multiplayer mode, and all this means that we are already counting down the days until we can play online and tell everyone what this mode has to offer.