Call of Duty Gaming News: It’s War Between Sony (PS5) And Microsoft (Xbox Series)!

In the menu of the day this Tuesday, November 22, we talk about finances with this great agreement between Xbox and PlayStation. Here’s a little update on the development of the new Zelda. Finally, we end with the Penthouse Player raising the alarm on Twitch. The Journal, here we come!

Call of Duty dominates the industry and terrifies Sony

Call of Duty is scary. We’re not talking about Ghost’s hood, but about his weight in the video game industry. Yes it’s correct, The future of the Call of Duty license on PlayStation is uncertain. Speculation that Activision’s FPS will disappear from Sony’s machines makes the Japanese company break a cold sweat. But why would that happen? Well, because its rival Xbox is trying to buy the parent company of the series: Activision Blizzard King. However, the authorities block this operation to preserve competition in the sector. In this case, the latest news evokes an agreement that guarantees that Call of Duty games will be released on PlayStation for the next decade. But the latter have not yet responded. To continue…

A new impetus for Zelda

Small update on the development of the new Zelda! Tears of the Kingdom just got a review in South Korea, according to Gematsu. We can imagine it The game is likely to be based on Breath of The Wild codes with a mix of Skyward Sword for a heavenly adventure! The title is rated 12+, which implies some light violence that can already be found in the previous games. This information subtly indicates that the game’s production is proceeding apace, and is even nearing completion. We remind you that after having postponed its launch, the date has now been set for a few months until May 12, 2023.

A community war on Twitch?

This has been making the rounds on social media for the past few hours and industry players are reacting immediately! “It’s a bit dangerous” are the words of the Attic player who, during his last live, expressed his concern about the divergence between the communities on Twitch. If he points his finger at a generation gap, points out that fan bases can show a lack of cohesion between the different branches of the French current. According to JDG, the “extended community of Mondays” that includes: ZeratoR, Ultia, Domingo, Ponce or Antoine Daniel moves away from a certain public. He cites the KCorp communities or those of Inox Tag, Amine or Billy/RebeuDeter. More specifically, it points to the lack of communication between fan groups and the isolation of these communities. The latter do not influence each other, to the point of “getting on each other’s nerves”, according to him.