Byron Castillo stays out of the World Cup: Gustavo Alfaro deletes the side from the Ecuadorian list that will travel to Qatar

All eyes were on Ecuador. The team led by Gustavo Alfaro was the last to deliver its squad list for Qatar 2022 and The big question was whether or not Byron Castillo would be part of the team that will attend the next World Cup.

Finally, The player from León de México will not go to the biggest football party. The decision was made known this afternoon, when the Ecuadorian Football Federation published the list of nominees by the Argentine coach and with it, an end was put to a controversy that has been on the front page for several months.

It all started when the national team of that country and Castillo were called into question by the Chilean Football Federation (FFCh), being sued before FIFA for alleged irregularities in the soccer player’s eligibility, since, according to Eduardo Carlezzo, the lawyer who defends La Roja, the winger was born in Colombia and not in the country he represents.

Nevertheless, The entity dismissed this action on two occasions and ratified the participation of both in Qatar. The ANFP was not satisfied with its position and insisted with its arguments in the TAS. During last week, The highest sports arbitration body considered that Castillo had legal documents at the time he began playing with the Ecuadorian team, but that these were processed and validated judicially with false information. Unfortunately, for the claims of the governing body of our country, Tri’s classification was ratified and only three points were deducted for the next qualifiers.

However, over the past weekend, a new chapter in this story was written. Episode that was seasoned with the statements of the Ecuadorian ambassador in Qatar, Pascual Del Cioppo, who assured that Castillo was not going to go to the World Cup due to a decision made by the FEF, “to avoid future problems.” But, there was never an official response from any of those mentioned and the defender started in the team’s last friendly match against Iraq.

Game where the footballer had a very bad time and not because of the diplomat’s sayings, but because of an injury he suffered during the commitment: The 30 minutes of the duel ran, when Byron went to contest a ball on the baseline. There, Alai Ghasem gave him a violent foul and had to leave the pitch at 37 minutes. “We are going to do a study tomorrow, an MRI on the ankle, to rule out a bone injury,” was all that Alfaro said at the time, but the final results are in sight.

The former goalkeeper of the University of Chile, Hernán Galíndez, if he goes to the World Cup.

One who did get tickets to the Arab country was Hernán Galíndez. The former goalkeeper of Universidad de Chile is on the official list and will fight for a position with his colleagues Moisés Ramírez and Alexander Dominguez. It should be remembered that the now Aucas goalkeeper resigned from the secular team, in order to return to his country and be closer to Alfaro’s calls, action that he revealed in an interview with the trans-Andean newspaper Olé.

“My greatest fear, beyond the personal issues that happened in Chile, was losing the opportunity to go to the World Cup, something that I would never have allowed myself,” he said at the time.

Galíndez, Ramírez and Domínguez will be joined by defenders Piero Hincapié, Robert Arboleda, Pervis Estupiñán, Angelo Preciado, Jackson Porozo, Xavier Arreaga, Diego Palacios, Felix Torres and William Pacho. Midfielders Carlos Gruezo, José Cifuentes, Alan Franco, Moisés Caicedo, Ángel Mena, Jeremy Sarmiento, Jhegson Méndez, Ayrton Preciado, Gonzalo Plata and Romario Ibarra, plus forwards: Djorkaeff Reasco, Kevin Rodríguez, Micheal Estrada and Enner Valencia.