“But what a beautiful thing!”: the special gift that Pancho Saavedra received for his daughter Laura in Places that Speak

An emotional moment was experienced in this Saturday’s chapter of Talking Places. Driver Pancho Saavedra was surprised with a special gift for his daughter, Laura.

The communicator traveled to the Tarapacá region, to the town of La Tirana, and met again with the family of the late caporal Arturo Barahona, whom he met years ago on Channel 13.

“I want to say something to our viewers. Year after year, this family received me when I came to pay an order to Chinita, to the Virgin of La Tirana, from whom I asked for very special things. I have witnessed her joy, but also her deepest pain, “said Pancho very emotionally.

After this, the driver gave him a photograph that had been taken of Arturo Barahona during his first visit to the place.

However, the family also had a special surprise for the driver. He had an emotional gift for his daughter, Laura: a traditional, hand-embroidered headband.

Talking Places (Channel 13)

“But what a beautiful thing!” commented Pancho excitedly.

Tamara Barahona, a member of the family and the dance group, explained that the headband “is hand-embroidered, our costumes represent our entire tradition (…) each embroidery is also a prayer for Laurita and her family.”

Also, the driver told the family that he had brought a photo of his daughter to present it to the Virgin of La Tirana.