Bryan Cortes | Former U player prepares his goodbye at 31 years old: “If there are no offers, my retirement is imminent”

The professional career of Bryan Cortes (31) could be coming to an end. After his last stint at Deportes Recoleta in the 2022 season, the midfielder, who at some point was compared to Charles Aránguiz, no club found “Let it be what God wants. If there is no offer, I will see another direction in my life “he commented.

The steering wheel was formed in copperloa Y In 2013 Colo Colo and the U fought for it, but in the end he decided to put on the blue shirt. The signing of him in the secular team represented a new challenge in his career, since he arrived with a good poster after playing a national final in 2011 with the loínos. However, continuity in the CDA never came. “It is my responsibility. I should have been more focused on my career.” confess. In 2015, the player went on loan to Santiago Wanderers, and then return to the blue team. Without greater prominence, the link between the University of Chile and Cortés would end in 2016.

“I felt that pressure of being compared to Aránguiz”, admits.


– After his great time at Cobreloa, he signed at the University of Chile. How did he come to the lay team?

– At that time I was working with Fernando Felicevich, despite the fact that I had more contact with Daniel Behar, one of the people who works with him. He informed me that there were a couple of concrete offers from Santiago and that the most feasible was from Universidad de Chile.

– What other teams bid for you?

– Next to the U came an offer from Colo Colo and, some time later, the Catholic University was also interested.

– What motivated you to choose the offer from the U?

– I made the decision, more than anything, for two reasons. The first, because of the great moment that the club was experiencing in those years, where it was a multi-champion. And the other had to do with my love for Cobreloa. I am a recognized supporter of Loíno and I could not make the decision to sign for Colo Colo, who was the archrival.

– In his two cycles with the blue team he did not have much continuity. To what do you feel that this little prominence was due?

– I think I made hasty decisions and I think if I had been a little more cautious I wouldn’t have been so wrong. I lacked maturity and that happened to me. With the experience, I realized that I needed a few more years of development in Cobreloa before leaving for an important team like the U. There the competition is very constant.

– Was the lack of maturity a key factor in your limited participation with the blue box?

– I think so. Well, one also comes to a world where everything is very easy for you and you are inserted in a bubble. One arrives young, with little maturity. I got carried away by many situations that perhaps I should have handled better and I did not focus totally on sports.

– What does mea culpa do?

– It’s all my responsibility. I should have been more attentive with my career on the court. Although, I also feel that they did not give me the opportunities that I needed. There are some players who need regularity, who are weak-headed and need consideration from the coach. I did not feel that confidence at the University of Chile.

– In the middle they used to compare you with Charles Aránguiz, how did you take that?

– Yes, they compared me a lot. With Charles we were teammates in Cobreloa and a semester at the U. When he went to Inter de Porto Alegre the comparisons increased, although I have always felt that each player is different. I still felt the pressure. It was a major challenge and I couldn’t deliver as expected. It was a great frustration.


The technicians must deliver confidence and in the “U” I did not feel it. For example, I had the opportunity to work with Jaime García. He is a very close technician, who gives you unique confidence.

Bryan Cortés, former player of Universidad de Chile

– Today, at 31, you are without a club, what do you plan for the future?

– Let it be what God wants. If an offer comes in, I’ll keep trying. If that doesn’t happen, I will see other directions in my life, in terms of the family and as a person.

– In other words, do you feel that retirement is imminent?

– Yes I think so. I will step aside and focus on other projects.