Bravo is asked if he will see the World Cup and his answer surprises everyone

La Roja fails to win in Eduardo Berizzo’s period. The national cast fell to Poland in the friendly played in Warsaw, however, both the DT and the Chilean squad agreed on one aspect: the team improved in relation to previous meetings. Claudio Bravo also pointed to the same thing and preferred to take positive accounts. “We were far superior to them,” he advanced.

“I prefer to see my team playing this way, having the ball, subduing the rival. You don’t have to stay with the result, we did very good things. They mark us, but it was an isolated action from set pieces. We must congratulate all the boys, because it is not easy to prepare a match on a field that did not favor us either. The feeling is good. We can compete”said the goalkeeper.

In addition, he made a striking statement when asked if he would see the World Cup in Qatar: “I have vacations and I do not intend to sit on a TV to watch football. I tell you the truth, I’m not much of coming home to watch football. If you give me a choice between the movies and soccer, I prefer to go to the movies, or if you give me a choice between soccer or the bicycle, I prefer the bicycle”.

Other phrases of Bravo

How do you see the Red?: “The best way is to play this way and not retreat back, being a shy team to see if we can rescue something. It is what has led us to be well, to achieve important achievements, it is the only way. You have the sadness of not having fastened a very good game, because we did many positive things. We are in a process of continuing to improve things.”

Nostalgia for the World Cup?: Yes, there is nostalgia, but what are you going to do. It was already. We already had the chance. We turned the page a while ago. You have to build this and have a clear objective, which is the next World Cup. The results will come.”

How do you analyze young players?: “Well, hungry, with the desire to do things well, many of them showed it today, it is the only way to earn a place. If you are given the option of being able to compete, you have to take advantage of it, not let it pass, that is a bit of the message. You have to take advantage of the opportunities.”