Brandon Cortes | He had a sad step in the U and today he returned to the Red as a Boca player: “I am very happy”

Eduardo Berizzo’s Red Sub 23 will face Santiago Wanderers this Wednesday in a charity match for the victims of the fire in Viña del Mar. One of the protagonists on the field could be Brandon Cortés, a Boca Juniors player who was once again called up by Chile.

“I am very happy to be here again, to take advantage of the opportunity of this call, to be in the national team”commented the footballer of the Red Sub 23 to the official channel of the Selection.

The midfielder, trained in Boca Juniors, had a stint at the University of Chile between 2020 and 2021. His arrival in the country was precisely to be closer to La Roja. However, Cortés did not find leadership in the CDA. He added a few minutes, but he was never decisive.

After that, he returned to Boca Juniors, where today he is a reserve figure. He was recently renewed by the ‘xeneize’ cast until 2026 and hopes to make the leap to the first team.

Berizzo is aware of his good moment and that is why he wants to see Cortés up close: “As the training sessions progress, I get to know my teammates better, and the teacher gives me the best instructions so that everything goes well on Wednesday,” added the man born in Argentina.

The work of the Sub 23 is to project players to the adult Red for the next qualifying process, but it also seeks to prepare Chile’s participation in the 2023 Pan American Games.