BOOOOM: Pep Guardiola’s brutal and sarcastic response to Zlatan’s comments on Erling Haaland

It is no secret that the maximum referent of Erling Haland is named Zlatan Ibrahimovic. For this reason, in his last interviews, the Swedish giant has been asked for his opinion on the 9 of Manchester City.

in chat with Channel+, the current member of AC Milan said that he likes the Norwegian attacker because he knows his strengths perfectly and uses them to his advantage. He is not like many other players who, in the quest for prominence and spotlight, try to do things that are beyond his reach.

When asked if he believes that the android will evolve under the orders of Pep Guardiola, Ibracadabra He replied that this will happen if Pep puts his ego aside and allows the Nordic footballer to be more important than him.

«Will Guardiola be able to do better? It depends on Guardiola’s ego: whether he lets him be bigger than him or not. He did not allow me (at FC Barcelona) and the others».


Ibra’s recent statements reached Pep Guardiola’s press conference. And, well, the Catalan coach did not keep anything in his answer.

Pulling a brutally ironic tone, the multi-champion DT responded to his former player. He told her that he was right, that his ego is bigger than any footballer and, continuing the joke, caused laughter by saying that seeing Haaland scoring a hat-trick annoys him and makes him jealous.

oh! And he also sent him to write another book talking about his bad experiences with him as a coach. As you can see: the relationship between Zlatan and Pep Guardiola is irreconcilable.

“You’re right, you’re absolutely right. In this club, in this team, my ego is far above every player. I don’t even like it when Erling scores 3 goals because all the highlights are his. I get very jealous, honestly. Very jealous. I told him after the hat-trick: ‘Please, Erling, don’t score any more goals, or the papers won’t talk about me.’ He is right, he knows me perfectly. He can write another book ».

Undefeated data. Zlatan Ibrahimovic recorded 22 goals in 46 games played for FC Barcelona. He won 5 titles in a single season, but he considers that it was his most difficult stage because he never felt comfortable. It was not himself.

Did you know…? Erling Haaland already has 22 goals in 16 games played for Manchester City. Leading scorer in the Premier League with a record pace. Big shot.