Booker T points out that Sasha Banks and Naomi missed a wrestling tradition

Sasha Banks Y Naomi remain off the schedule WWE after being suspended indefinitely last May. The fighters staged a great controversy when they decided to leave the venue where a live episode of Monday Night Raw was about to take place. all of it because their discontent with their treatment as WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions.

However, and despite having received the support of many colleagues, some of them still think that the way they did it was far from professional. Among those who hold this view is booker twho in the latest edition of his podcast The Hall Of Fameindicated that, if they had found themselves in the same situation, he would have done it differently, respecting the tradition of wrestling. Below we leave you with their statements in this regard, transcript courtesy of

“I was definitely one of those who hoped to see Sasha and Naomi back. After seeing the way they left, I was wondering if they would come back. I remember you asking me, ‘How would I have done it?’ , ‘I would have done it (the job), and then I would have left’, because this is a business, and it’s not just about me. I have listened to other fighters, the veteran fighters who were close, and they have said the exact same thing. They said that they would have done the work and then they would have left because it is like a tradition“.

Meanwhile, after months of rumors and speculation, everything seemed to indicate that the situation would have taken a 180 degree turn, with the new WWE administration approaching positions with Banks and Naomi. For their part, the fans already counted on the return of the former champions, which they expected to take place at any time. In fact, even some specialized media claimed that WWE was already preparing a story for his return.

Nevertheless, Sasha and Naomi continue to participate in projects outside of wrestling, dislocating the fans, who are still divided between those who want to see them back and those who prefer not to return. Meanwhile, a few days ago Sasha chose to change her WWE superstar name to her real name on her Twitter account, fueling even more speculation about his future in the company.

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