Bombshell: Selection striker who played in the Premier League in 2022 was offered to Colo-Colo

With the ratification of the departure of Juan Martín Lucero, the leadership of Blanco y Negro begins to look for a replacement.

For this transfer market, the Chilean soccer monarch had set himself as the main objective hire a center forward. With the idea of ​​reinforcing the team, Gustavo Quinteros had demanded the arrival of a substitute who relieve to Juan Martin Lucero.

However, plans changed abruptly after the Cat decided to accept the succulent offer that Fortaleza from Brazil sent him. Therefore, now the Colo-Colo board will have to make a Economic effort to fill that void that will be left by the trans-Andean battering ram and, furthermore, hire the alternate nine.

Now, the substitute attacker is almost closed. According to Daniel ArrietaTNT Sports journalist, this week Leandro Benegas would achieve the separation with Independiente de Avellaneda.

But in the case of the replacement for Juan Martin Lucerothe names that sound are many, therefore, the dealership wanted to call a emergency football committee to evaluate each of them and also analyze the legal issues regarding this controversial case.

A new name to the list

Among the footballers who could arrive at Macul, this Wednesday, December 4 in Radio DNA released the name of a gunner who He had steps through the English Premier League. According to the radio medium, Solomon Rondonhistoric scorer for the Venezuelan team, was offered by his representative to wear the Alba shirt.

The “Gladiator”, who in the 2022 season wore the jersey of the everton of englandat the moment he is without a club and it is a good alternative for albos. However, the “big but” that this possible negotiation will have is his high salary, since the Vinotinto striker earns $1.5 million per seasonaccording to what was exposed by Radio ADN.