Bo Dallas could return to WWE very soon

Bray Wyatt’s return to WWE has raised all kinds of rumors, and one of them points to the possible return of his brother Taylor Rotunda, known in WWE as Bo Dallas. This has been stated by Bryan Alvarez, of Wrestling Observer, who has assured that multiple company sources have indicated that Bo Dallas should be back very soon.

Last night at Extreme Rules, several people played the characters from the FireFly Fun House (Huskus the Pig, Mercy the Buzzard, Ramblin’ Rabbit and Abby the Witch), including The Fiend. Precisely, It is speculated that the person behind The Fiend’s mask was Bo Dallas himself.although no media has been able to confirm it one hundred percent.

In April 2022, Rotunda assured that very soon he would be back in the ring. He himself confirmed it in a question and answer session at the Love of Wrestling convention, where he revealed that his intention is to return to action in two or three months. “Absolutely not,” Rotunda responded when asked if he was done with wrestling. “I’m a long way from this. I’ve been into a lot of different non-wrestling activities this past year, but wrestling has never left my heart, not for a second. I just wanted to do a couple of things before I dive back into wrestling. something that really mattered to me.”

Following his football career, Taylor Michael Rotunda was inclined to sign a development contract with WWE in 2008. The wrestler became a three-time Florida Heavyweight Championship Wrestling champion before becoming the biggest heel in the newly reborn WWE NXT. In June 2013, Bo Dallas captured the NXT Championship which he held for 260 days until his loss to Neville at Arrival. His time on the main roster was low-key, winning only the RAW Tag Team Championships alongside Curtis Axel and the 24/7 title before his dismissal in 2021.

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