Blizzard Introduces Overwatch’s New Hero Sigma in New Video


For a few days and thanks to certain internet leaks, we were able to get the idea of ​​​​who would be the hero 31 of Overwatch, his name Sigma, did not give many clues as to what his abilities would be like, and even the subsequent teasers left great doubts, today Blizzard has published a new video that leaves EVEN more doubts.

During the weekend just past, Blizzard began to bombard us with slightly confusing teasers about the new hero that will arrive very soon, thanks to a leak we learned that his name would be Sigma, and thanks to the teasers shown, the expectation of the new hero began to grow, recently the official account of Overwatch on Youtube has released the origin story of Sigma and it is incredible and confusing.

As we can see in this Origin story, it seems that Sigma was some kind of scientist who was working looking for a way to use the power of black holes, it seems that something went very wrong and he was affected, then we see him being transported on a stretcher, in some kind of “prison” clothes, thinking and a bit upset.

Finally the trailer reveals something interesting, it seems that Sigma may have been some kind of Talon test subject, and ended up on the main team with Doomfist, Moira, Reaper, Sombra and Widowmaker, so it would make Sigma the long-awaited Tank. of Talon that the community had loved so much.

We still don’t know what his abilities do or what his gameplay will be like, however, his design looks great and it looks like Blizzard has taken a different path with this new hero.

Although the announcement details that it will be in the game soon, we still do not have a date, although we believe that tomorrow, Tuesday, as it is an Overwatch update day, Sigma will arrive on the test server as has been the trend with other heroes, to be there two weeks and then be released to the live servers and all your platforms.

Overwatch is available on the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms.