Blanca Lewin after divorce: “I have learned to ask for help”

The actress shared in a television program the sensations after two years of marriage with the journalist.

The actress Blanca Lewin confessed the process she is going through after her separation from the journalist Daniel Matamala, after two years of marriage.

In the CHV program “La Divina Comida” together the actor Antonio Campos, the actress Liliana García and the mayor of Independencia Gonzalo DuránLewin explained that for her still “so little time has passed”.

UNO Agency – Arturo Vidal

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“I mean, I think it’s too recent to look with the necessary distance and to talk about it. Because if I did I would cry and I don’t want to cry“said the artist.

“Before I used to eat my moments of sadness or depression all by myself, now I have learned to ask for help and to realize that I am surrounded by people who love me very much…” he added.

Also, emphasized the support network he built during this process and the importance it has for your well-being.

“And not be ashamed to ask for help, to ask them to accompany you. So, I have been very well accompanied… We have to network, because we are not alone in the world“, hill.

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