Black Desert Gives The Official Date For Its Open Beta on Playstation 4


The MMORPG had always been relegated to the PC platform, due to its complexity in terms of commands and access to skills, but Black Desert has managed to prove otherwise when it finally arrived on Xbox One, and for their part, Playstation 4 users have had a long wait for this Pearl Abyss title to finally reach your hands.

But as would have been confirmed a few weeks ago, this game will make its way at the end of August, more specifically on Thursday the 22nd of that month, but Pearl Abyss had also confirmed that before its release, the game would have an open beta and free, so that everyone who wanted to try Black Desert could do so, and they have recently made their date official.

As Pearl Abyss reports on its official website, the Black Desert beta on Playstation 4 will take place on August 9, 2019, and will end on the 13th of the same month, in order to access this beta period for those interested. You must register at the following linkfill in your details and on August 9th you will be able to dive into this demanding time-consuming massive role-playing adventure.

As for the content that will be available during the Black Desert beta on PS4, players who access it will be able to reach a maximum of level 50 and will be able to freely explore the version of Calpheon and make use of up to 6 different classes.

As we had also mentioned, Black Desert is also on Xbox One and Pearl Abyss has not forgotten about them, since a free content update is planned for the same dates as the PS4 beta, which will include a new ability for the Ninja class, three global bosses and a new set of equipment.