BioWare Gives Signs Of Life Of The Next Mass Effect

During these last years BioWare has not had it easy, not only after its own controversy broke out due to the working conditions of its developers, but also due to the low level of its latest productions and also the implications that the pandemic.

However, things in the developer seem to be moving forward, at least, it seems that way after they talked a little more about their next Dragon Age, however, what concerns us and due to the celebration of Mass Effect day ( N7), BioWare has returned to give signs of life of the next Mass Effect.

This has been through a publication on the official account of Mass Effect on Twitterwhere they have given us a piece of art that says at the end of this Mass Effect Will Continue, which implies that the story as we know it has not yet come to an end.

That a new Mass Effect is being developed is not really new news, since years ago it had already been confirmed that a new title had entered production, rather, the reminder gives hope to players who have returned to experience the good of the saga in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

Although we have no idea what this new Mass Effect could be about, hoping that it would continue with the story of the Milky Way and not Andromeda, the truth is that with the good reception of the remastering pack that came out this year, it is possible that the focus is on following the line left by the original trilogy in terms of mechanics and way of telling the story.

Be that as it may, we will have to wait until BioWare is finally ready to talk more about this new Mass Effect that obviously many of us who have enjoyed even Andromeda itself look forward to it.