“Better ask me about…”: Pavez’s emphatic response about the signing of Zaldivia in the U

Esteban Pavez was part of the group from the Colo Colo campus that moved this Wednesday to the MEDS clinic, where the evaluations and medical check-ups were carried out for the start of the preseason.

The midfielder, one of the team’s benchmarks, spoke at the venue and was consulted by one of the summer news: the signing of Matías Zaldivia at Universidad de Chile.

“It’s up to him, he makes the decision. He does not come or go because, obviously, the players follow their steps and their cycle ”, Pavez said about his former teammate, trying to reduce the tension of what it means to go directly from one of the most popular teams in the country to the second.

Without much desire to delve into the subject, the one trained in the Monumental settled it like this. “I have had to go and return several times and that was his decision. I’m not here to talk about players from other teams. Better ask me about Ramiro González or Matías Moya, who were the ones who arrived”.

2023 could mark another milestone in Pavez’s career: the possibility of being captain after the departure of Gabriel Suazo. “With the horsewoman or without the horsewoman I am still the same. I’m not going to change for the horsewoman, I just want the best for my teammates and for those trained at home. I will continue to follow the same line.”

Regarding the challenges for 2023, he does not hide the pending task in the Copa Libertadores. “Obviously Colo Colo has as a minimum objective to pass the round, if not, it is a very big failure. We have to go game by game, first in the Super Cup and then think about the rest. We are all very excited. I don’t put myself in the position of going through the round, but of going game by game”.