Belkin SOUNDFORM Freedom Headphones Review

SoundForm Freedom

  • Design – 97%
  • Connectivity – 75%
  • Sound – 80%
  • Autonomy – 75%


SOUNDFORM Freedom is Belkin’s bet for users who want good audio quality and advanced connectivity.

We have seen various headphones on this website, in fact in this sectionWe have reviewed brands, products with noise cancellation but not products connected to the Apple ecosystem, which is why I will tell you about the experience with the Belkin Soundform Freedom.

And it is that these devices are totally wireless headphones that come with their own charging case in which we will store the headphones to charge and move them.

As I explained to you at the beginning of this review, one of the key points of the SoundForm Freedom is the ability to locate them using the Search app on any of our Apple devices, since they incorporate the receiver integrated into the charging case and at any time. We can know where it is and emit a sound to locate it easily.

Belkin SOUNDFORM Freedom Design

The Belkin Soundform Freedom They offer a sleek, premium, lightweight design and make a great travel companion.

They are small products that have 2-layer drivers are designed to deliver rich and radiant sound at any volume. SOUNDFORM Freedom True Wireless headphones deliver full, resonant bass and a crisp finish so you can enjoy the subtle details of every track.


Also, thanks to the design of these products, they offer an IPX5 rating, which means that you can continue listening during the toughest workouts and unexpected rain, which is very good since we can find these devices at a very reasonable price.

The Soundform Freedom incorporates smart sensors that allow automatic pausing and playback when the headphones are inserted and removed from the ears.

Noise Cancellation? and other options for users

Although it is true we will not see high-level noise cancellation for noisy environments, comment that these terminals SOUNDFORM Freedom they are one of the first third-party accessories to work with Apple’s Find My network, a bet that allows you to find your devices from the Find My app on the iPhone.

With the idea of ​​strengthening Belkin’s Soundform Freedom, these devices add Qualcomm aptX that guarantees the best possible audio to cover the entire range of human hearing, and Clear-Call technology that allows for clear calls without difficulties.


Autonomy and charging times of the SOUNDFORM Freedom

Reviewing aspects of audio devices, each headset offers us about 8 hours of audio playback and we can recharge both in the case to reach 28 hours of playback.

Its charging system is through USB Type C and 15 minutes of charging allows you to obtain 2 hours of continuous playback.

Also, it takes 1.5 hours to fully charge the case via USB-C charging and the case can also be charged via Qi wireless charging.


Belkin SOUNDFORM Freedom Reviews

The SOUNDFORM Freedom They are premium-looking, elegant, lightweight headphones with advanced connectivity that will be of great help to those looking for affordable and highly functional devices.

SOUNDFORM Freedom Plus Points: Elegant appearance, connectivity with Apple products, integrated into the Apple Search app, acceptable autonomy and good sound in general, IPX5 certification.

Negative Points SOUNDFORM Freedom: Noise cancellation is missed, at some specific moments I lost connection to one of the headphones, it could improve with a software update.

Market value and product link: USD 119 dollars, visible on the website of Belkin.

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