Belenaza’s response that misplaced Leo Caprile in the middle of the program: animator left the studio

A curious television moment starred the comedian Belén Mora and the television host Leo Caprile.

In a new edition of celebrities to classa program hosted by Ivette Vergara, the celebrities competed and recalled various anecdotes in the midst of different school knowledge tests.

However, one of the most commented moments occurred in the framework of “cross questions”, an instance in which the guests must answer questions about the “opponent”.

“In fourth grade: What did Leo Caprile want to study?” Vergara asked Belenaza, giving him a choice between three options: theater, graphic design or journalism.

“They can agree, talk, for 50 thousand pesos. She is running out of time, ”clarified the cheerleader.

Finally, after discussing it with her team, the comedian replied that Caprile would have wanted to study graphic design.

“Why do you think it was graphic design?” asked Ivette.

“Because he has no talent for acting or for journalism,” Mora replied.

It was in this context that the TV face chose to leave the studio, amid widespread laughter. “Ugly attitude!” The public began to shout, while Ivette asked Leo not to leave.

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