“Beautiful”: Melina Noto was filled with compliments after sharing records from Buenos Aires

The host of TNT Sports, Melina Noto captivated her followers after sharing several records from Buenos Aires on social networks.

Through her official Instagram account, the influencer posted some photos where she appears dressed in a black bodysuit and a mini skirt of the same color, filling herself with praise.

“Weekend of theme bars. Two great dates if you go to Buenos Aires are the themed bars, tonight we went to @thehole_bar and @uptown.ba The Hole is set in Alcatraz prison, with sushi, appetizers and very special drinks in a flask that you can take with you “, he pointed.

“The entrance with two drinks costs approximately $10 USD. Uptown is a themed bar set in an American subway station, where you can also sing along and descend through a real subway car,” she added.

“There is no entrance fee but drinks are approximately $5 USD. Do you have any others to recommend?” she concluded.

“PENALTY FEE. Excessive beauty !!!”, “come back, you overdid it”, “pretty and flirtatious”, “a divine muse”, “beautiful precious”, “how beautiful”, “beautiful”, “you are divine love”, “what a divine creation ”, “Come on kid, what a bombonazo”, were some of the comments he received.