Be very careful if you play this! They can control your PC and steal from you

There are many strategies that hackers can use to steal information, passwords or control a computer. In this article we echo a new strategy in which they use Pokemon. if you play PokemonBe careful because they could scam you. More specifically if you are a fan of that game and want to buy an NFT game that has actually been designed to rip offto take control of your computer and spy on you without your knowledge.

They use Pokemon to control the computer

What the hackers are doing is promoting a fake Pokemon NFT card game, which promises to be a good financial investment. They take advantage of the NFT and Pokemon boom to achieve their goal. They basically look for lure the victim so that they end up buying that, thinking that they are making a good investment.

What really happens is that the victim is going to reach a fake page controlled by attackers. There they find a button that says “Play on PC”. What that button does is download an executable that pretends to be a legitimate game, but what it really does is sneak in a RAT, a malicious remote access tool. This NetSupport RAT gives the hacker access to the system.

At the same time, that installer will create a process to ensure that the RAT runs every time Windows starts. Note that NetSupport is a legitimate program, which this RAT takes advantage of, so security programs may have trouble detecting the threat.

From there, attackers will be able to remotely connect to the device, steal data, install other varieties of malware, or even spread further within the network. You have to take into account that this threat has been present for weeks and, as you can see, it can have serious consequences for your security.

What to do to avoid this attack

So what can we do to avoid security issues related to Pokemon NFT or any other? Undoubtedly the most important thing is common sense. Avoid clicking on links that may be fraudulent, and never download files from illegitimate sources, as they could be a scam. Always install software from official and safe sites.

Also, you should always have security programs installed. Avoid leaving the system unprotected, as this can easily allow malware to enter. You will find many options available, such as Windows Defender, Avast and many more. You should always make sure that you are installing one of guarantees.

Another very important factor is keep everything updated. This will prevent an attacker from taking advantage of a vulnerability and gaining access to your system, collecting personal data, or installing software without your knowledge. It is important whenever you check everything, be it the operating system, the applications you use, the firmware of devices such as the router, etc.

In short, these tips will help you to be protected against computer attacks that can be a problem for your security. The latest strategy in which they use Pokemon NFT is a clear example of why you should be protected. You always can configure Windows Defender to improve security.