BASKET EUROPE 1 – Of the 12 everyday products, prices fell between January and February

Baptist Morin

Each month, Europe 1 in partnership with the IRI Institute, looks back on food inflation, through its witness basket, which includes 12 everyday products from major brands or private labels such as rice, eggs or even laundry. Objective, follow the rise in prices. Between January and February, the receipt of the French cash fell slightly.

Inflation continues to be felt. In one year, food prices have risen by 14.5%. Nevertheless, slight surprise, between January and February, the receipt of the French is down. Over one month, between January and February, the price of our Europe 1 basket fell by 50 cents. The price of the basket always rises above 55 euros for twelve products. This decline is mainly due to two products, washing powder and pasta.

A slight decrease

“In February, there were more attractive promotions on detergents than in January. This allows consumers to pay less for the product. Pasta, on the other hand, has increased enormously for more than a year. Nevertheless, the price of wheat has gone down again and therefore the price of pasta is no longer increasing,” explains Emilie Meyer, expert in consumer products for the IRI Institute.

Upcoming trade negotiations

The price of pasta no longer increases and even drops by 7% over one month. Other products in the basket show slightly lower prices. Thus, the prices of eggs, butter, coffee and even a pack of ten frozen ground steaks from distributors are stagnating. This stagnation is not yet synonymous with a longer period of decline.

The Minister of Economy Bruno Le Maire announced on Monday the launch of an “anti-inflation quarter”, resulting from an agreement with distributors who have undertaken to offer the “lowest possible” prices until June on a selection of products. The device, financed thanks to the margins of the distributors, will cost them “several hundred million euros” and the government also intends to deploy in the coming months a “food voucher” for the most modest households, he added. following a meeting in Paris with most of the major retailers.