Auron clarifies his future: “Streaming I have one or two years left”

There is no doubt that auronplay is, at this time, the absolute king of Twitter Worldwide. But his greatness is not only referred to numbers, since he is also one of the most beloved streamers throughout the community.

However, despite his undoubted success, the Catalan content creator he sees his retirement quite closeas he has commented in a recent direct to the surprise of his faithful followers.

“I think that streaming I have a year or two leftWhy am I going to deceive you? This does not mean that one will disappear, evaporate or be diluted,” the streamer bluntly announced.

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Regarding the reasons for this decision, Auron commented that, as he himself thinks, in his professional career “there must be a step forward, there must be a progress“.

But the Twitch star not only talked about his future retirement, but also about what projects will you carry out once he says goodbye —although not definitively— to the world of streaming.

“Perhaps that progress, tomorrow, is a podcast“, he expressed. And it is not the first time that Auron raises this possibility, rather the opposite, since we have been able to see him speaking on this subject on more than one occasion.

Be that as it may, what is clear is that his followers they will follow you wherever you go. And, of course, no one can deny that the idea of ​​seeing Auron leading a podcast is, to say the least, interesting.