Auchan and Boulanger offer a second life to their products on Leboncoin

Noa Moussa, edited by Laura Laplaud

Reduced prices for slightly damaged items or for display models… The major Auchan and Boulanger brands are now present on the Leboncoin e-commerce platform with the aim of targeting new customers.

The second hand seduces many French people, but also large retail chains. This market, which represents 7 billion euros in France in 2022, convinced Auchan and Boulanger to create a professional account on the site of the second-hand giant, Leboncoin. They offer slightly damaged items or show models at much lower prices than in stores. Objective: to reach a new clientele by moving into the circular economy.

Reach new customers

Appliances, gardening, telephony… Here are the main categories that Boulanger and Auchan offer on Leboncoin. A way of reaching a different clientele from that present in the store, according to Basile Guerin, innovation director at Auchan. “This affects an audience accustomed to the circular economy, accustomed to having products that are not necessarily perfect. We are on discounts of around 50% compared to the value of new. The customer can sometimes be brought to negotiate directly with our teams in store and our merchants in the field are sometimes ready to make additional commercial gestures.”

The platform intends to expand its number of professional partners

For now, the platform is only used to reserve products. You have to go to the store to pay and collect your purchase, but the next step is to be able to have it delivered. “We offer professionals to manage the transaction in store and to do click and collect or else to activate the transactional and offer delivery directly on Leboncoin. We think about these things together”, explains Mathilde Hunou, director of the consumer goods market at Leboncoin.

Leboncoin intends to expand its number of professional partners. In particular, discussions are underway with hypermarkets and furniture companies.