Attention: Fluminense and Fortaleza from Brazil come to charge for the figure of Colo-Colo for the 2023 season

The reference of the Eternal Champion begins to define his future in the run-up to his vacations and new options enter the portfolio of the 25-year-old footballer.

With the season over and the holidays underway for the footballers of Colo-Colomultiplayer begin to decide what will happen to their careers from next season. One of them is gabriel suazowho has not hidden his wishes to leave for Europe since it began to be common on the payrolls of La Roja.

Despite the fact that ‘Capi’ started his vacation, he will not be able to disconnect completely, since upon returning from his trip he will have to decide where he will play in 2023, taking into account that it is very difficult for him to remain in Macul. That is how new options appear on the horizon of the white defender and join those interested in the ‘Old Continent’.

And it is that, as reported by DaleAlbo, Suazo would have two options to continue his career in Europe and in this way fulfill his great dream of playing on the other side of the pond. Nevertheless, Two teams from an important South American league would have joined that next year will compete internationally.

This, because the information handled by the Brazilian press, places Gabriel Suazo on the radar of two Brasileirao teams. Is about Fluminense and Fortresswho study the signing of left side looking forward to 2023 where the first is classified to Libertadores Cup. While the team that shared a group with Popular in the 2022 continental contest He will participate again from the previous phase of the cup.

In this way, the captain of the albos will have a hard task when he returns from his vacations, since The decision you will have to make is not minor.