“Atrocious that these ladies have to mention me to be news”: Yamila Reyna responded to criticism from Paty Maldonado and Cata Pulido for her show on TVN

The actress and comedian Yamila Reyna used her social networks to share her annoyance after Paty Maldonado and Cata Pulido criticized her on her online show Las Indomables for her participation in Hoy Se Habla de TVN.

The former face of Mega and the actress they reviewed the talk show of the public station, attacking Argentina.

“This little girl has a serious problem and I would say that she should be honest, talk to the directors and tell them ‘I want to stay with the program’ (…) I don’t want to go against Yamila Reyna, but her problem, and for a lot with these people who have television anxiety, who come to dislike it, they are exhausting. When you have verbal incontinence, you do not let the rest speak, “they pointed out on the show, while Reyna responded in her Instagram stories.

“Atrocious that these ladies have to mention me to be news! I would answer them but I am very busy doing a program every day on TVN with a dream team, in addition to traveling to see my beautiful family and also working on new projects, “said the trans-Andean woman.

“You can’t imagine how beautiful it is to work and live being happy and emanating only love, I wish you the same thing happens to you sometime,” he added, later deleting the post from his social networks.

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