“Atrocious and all for being ugly”: the humiliating experience that Gabriele Benni lived in a New York nightclub

“As I am uglier than the chucha, it has always been very complicated”, Gabriele Benni started by telling in the chapter We can talk (CHV) which premieres on October 21.

“My life has always been very hard,” he recounted about his first years of life. “I was born in a small town; my mother had any illusion: light blue eyes, muscular and upturned nose”.

However, the expectations would not have been met, he admitted: “When she saw me, my mother entered a depression for five years that she did not plug in anymore, and my father asked for revenge so that another ugly asshole like me would not come out.”

But “my sister was born, uglier than the same chucha,” said the comic merchant, according to TiempoX.

Bad experience

Years later, already in his younger years, he went to a nightclub in New York, in the United States.

“I went to a wonderful nightclub, the largest and there it works where there are three lines, a line for couples, another for men, and for women,” he explained. “In the men’s line, the guards choose who gets in and who doesn’t, because women want pretty men.”

So, he explained, “outside they classify who goes in and who doesn’t and they left me out.”

At the time, “I thought it was because I was badly dressed and I said ‘I’ll be back tomorrow more handsome than a prince’”, to the point that (Giorgio) Armani was envious of me”.

“I came back and again they don’t let me in, what a humiliation,” he lamented. “There were just ugly assholes left outside”, so “I approached him and told him that I’m Italian, that I’m a breeder, and they told me to go home, that when I get fat and fix my nose, I’ll come back”.

“Atrocious and all for being ugly,” he closed.