“At least they have something to eat”: Ecuadorian journalists fury over memes and Chilean trolling

Diego Becerra and Patricio Constante reacted with annoyance to the ridicule from Chile. These are two Ecuadorian journalists who shared their defenses after being left out of Qatar 2022.

“Is that what Chilean and Colombian friends have ended up with? Make firewood from the fallen tree? Does his mediocrity get that far? Instead of worrying about how their sports project is doing with their different teams, these two days have been dedicated to generating memes, mocking what the Ecuadorian soccer team that has made history here has done,” Becerra explained.

Then, he proceeded, he maintained that his team “has already entered a World Cup record by being the first country to beat a host, dominating a team that is always fighting all the World Cups such as the Netherlands.”

“You have only dedicated yourself to making fun of a team that has left the name of Conmebol and South American football very high,” he added.

For his part, Constante stated that “on the one hand I love it, because the Chilean colleagues and the Colombian colleagues at least have something to eat. Because they don’t have anything to talk about their countries, they live in Ecuador, they have lived in Ecuador since the Byron Castillo case, they continue to live in Ecuador, branding as a failure an issue that they don’t analyze with a cool head.”

“This is a youth team, which is going to have a new process. But, well, there is the issue of ease. But I’m glad, they have something to talk about. There is nothing of their selections, they say nothing. I invite you better to analyze your problems, your own concerns. Talk about the transition process in Chile, ”he added.

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