ASUS tells us how to extend the life of your computer

The pandemic generated many changes in our lives and one of them was the way of working and studying, where we spend more time in our homes and where the computer became a fundamental part of the daily routine. For this same reason, it is essential to know what actions we must take to take care of it and extend the useful life of the computer.

The average replacement time of a notebook ranges from 3 to 5 years, but different procedures can be carried out so that it remains in optimal conditions and can accompany us for a longer time.

Tips for your computer to have a long life

Next, Gabriel Bahamondes, Technical Marketing Coordinator of ASUSprovides the main tips to achieve this:

Keep equipment up to date: In this way the components work properly and the equipment works at the right speed for any activity you want to perform.

Improve PC security with Windows Defender: It is essential to protect the computer from any type of virus that may enter. For this, you must keep Windows Defender active, an antivirus security program that allows you to browse more calmly and that protects all kinds of personal data that you have on your computer.

Clean files from time to time: In order not to have speed and memory problems, it is important to eliminate the files or applications that you no longer use or that you do not consider essential, in this way the system remains more stable.

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Healthy battery charging habits: configure the computer so that it does not continue charging when it reaches 100%, especially if we have it connected to the current all the time, because this accelerates the degradation of the battery. In addition, it is recommended to put the computer in sleep mode so that the screen is not on at all times and to use performance profiles that are silent whenever possible.

Turn off the computer: It is recommended that if you are not going to use the equipment within the next few hours, you turn it off so that it is not consuming extra energy and so that the memory can be freed. In addition, when carrying the equipment in a bag or closed place, the ventilation ducts are covered, causing the equipment to increase its temperature, so it is also recommended that it be turned off when taking it from one place to another.

Maintain equipment cleanliness: This is one of the most fundamental points when looking for a longer lifespan for the computer. Many actions can be taken, such as seeing that things do not get stuck in the ports of the computer, that no particles enter the laptop through the ventilation ducts, and even cleaning it externally after each use.

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Take the equipment to a technical service center every 1 or 2 years: This action is not carried out by most people and is essential, since technicians can recognize any type of fault more efficiently and quickly. This is especially important for high performance teams or when you have it for a long period of time. If necessary they can make changes to the thermal paste and liquid metal. This keeps them working optimally for a longer period of time.

“Computers have become a necessity for the vast majority of people in recent years and more and more equipment is being purchased. This is why we must give them the necessary care so that their duration is prolonged. In addition, this is very important for people, because with good care of the PC they will not spend money periodically and will be able to take advantage of their laptops working optimally for more years than estimated “, says the ASUS Technical Marketing Coordinator.